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  • Cleaning and maintenance shower faucet

    DATE:2015-11-25 Clean shower faucet 1, the ideal cleaning technique is to rinse faucet with water, wipe dry with a soft cotton cloth all of the water faucet metal surfaces, because the formation of scale on the metal surface after wa... 【MORE】
  • Pauline Company products CSA International Certification

    DATE:2015-11-25 November 2015, Po-lin company products CSA International certification, Pauline yet another award after obtaining NSF, WRAS, REACH and other international certification; 【MORE】
  • With knowledge shower faucet

    DATE:2015-11-25 1, with color Shower faucet, mostly stainless steel, strong colors and modern, high fashion, choose the same stainless steel shower room, bathroom racks and other colors framework consistent with sanitary products, wa... 【MORE】
  • Stainless steel metal hose selection Highlights

    DATE:2015-11-25 (1) the size of the hose nominal diameter, the choice of joint type (main flange connection, threaded connection, quick connector connection) and metal hose size hose length. (2) pressure hose according to the ac... 【MORE】
  • Shower faucet buy knowledge

    DATE:2015-11-25 1, consider the actual situation of the family Two handle shower faucet, such as the left hand is hot, right is cold, clear identification, easy to use, more suitable for the elderly or children to use. The single han... 【MORE】